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[ instrumental music ] live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. breaking news -- >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday. in waldorf we are told that crews had just rescued a man who fell into oil well -- a well. there's a point station there. a county worker fell into the well that is 30 feet deep.
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this was just moments ago. also, a community is waiting for word on a two-year- old polehinke who -- two-year old boy who shot himself in the chest. >> residents in this hagerstown community are shocked and saddened and pressing for the life of two-year-old mario longus. >> very unfortunate. >> this happened early monday morning where they found political bullet inside shot in the chest. the toddler found the gun under a bed and began playing with it before it went off. danny was rushed to children's national medical center where he is in critical condition. crisis is sad. -- >> it is sad.
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first of all: the baby doing up late at 1:30 in the morning. >> his 16-year-old brother marcus longus is in custody. 17-year-old fantasia rivera was arrested as well. she tried to hide the gun on a nearby playground after the shooting. the teenagers face multiple charges. >> guns a the park? >> developing details, a fire destroyed a local landmark and killed a number of cattle and livestock exchange. smoke was still pouring from the charter members this morning in mashal, virginia. if the fire broke out at 8:00 last night in the barn. firefighters saved as many animals as they could. 250 caldor in the barn at the
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time. at least five cowls died. -- cows. >> brandywineday in there was an accident. the car that the toddler was riding in and ran into a tree. four others went to the hospital with minor injuries. no word on what caused it. drivers in maryland are about to face new rules aimed at hanging up on distracted driving, changes to begin three days from now. courtney robinson has more from college part with what drivers need to know. >> good afternoon. by friday, nomura holdings the cell phone while driving. you need to have handsfree devices. otherwise, you will face fines. get behind the wheel and friday
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october 1, make sure the cell phone is not in your hand while driving. you need a handsfree device. >> i have the bluetooth device. >> maryland is the eighth state to enact this law. officers will have to pull you over for something else before citing you for this. $40 for the first offense. after that, $100. >> people do get into accidents while talking and texting. it saves lives. >> they're trying to cut down on crashes related to distracted driving. those crashes caused 380 deaths in maryland in the last five years. 5500 died nationwide last year. >> it is distracting. >> just being on the phone distracts some drivers. others are not happy because
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they say plenty of things cause them not to pay attention to the road. >> i don't think texting causes much of a problem. >> there have been some studies that show that using handsfree devices are not much safer than using your cell phone while driving. transportation officials disagree with all of this. there will be signs posted letting you know about the new law, starting today. courtney robinson reporting. after a full day of rain, the skies are clearing a little. steve rudin is joining us with a look at the forecast. looks like we are going to have a break in time to get more rain again. >> exactly. enjoy the rest of the afternoon. a little breezy. if we or watching the doppler. the heavy showers are well to
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the east of d.c. the delmarva peninsula, ocean city. shower is beginning to exiles barry. they will move toward the north and east. we will see breaks in the clouds and sunshine this afternoon. high temperatures will reach the low 80s. winds will pick up out of this out that 10-15 with higher gusts. dugan will eventually subside this evening. coming up, the extended outlook. there's a lot of rain on the way. if we will talk about the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. thank you. fire officials want your help solving multiple cases of possible arson in the district. multiple vehicles have caught fire in columbia heights and mt. pleasant, mostly happening late at night or early morning. for at least five of the car fires were deliberately set. no one has been injured. if you have information about a suspect or suspects, call d.c. fire. the doctor to survive to the deadly shooting at johns
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hopkins has been released. david cohen went home monday evening after being shot in abdomen earlier this month by paul pardus after the doctor delivered bad news about the man's mother is condition. the man killed his mother and then himself. president obama is in mexico this afternoon. hear what last night -- president obama is in new mexico this afternoon. he arrived last night. he will travel to wisconsin and iowa before wrapping things up in virginia. in washington, major changes to tell you about at the white house, staffers are looking to move on after two years. chief of staff rahm emanuel could quit as alleged this week. this is coming just before the nov. midterms. john hendren reports from abc. >> the president's right-hand man has long dreamed of running
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the nation's second city. >> it has always been an aspiration of mind even when i was in the house of representatives. >> mayor richard daley is leaving the post, so the president will likely be looking for new cchief of staff to run the white house. >> running the city of chicago is a serious enterprise. he has not told me yet. as soon as he does, i am sure we will handle it. >> of hokie officers are leaving. david axelrod retires next year. then there's the obama economic team. larry summers is leaving. budget director peter orszag is gone. council of economic advisers chair christina romer is gone. >> the work that they do is difficult. they have been at it two years.
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>> only treasury secretary tim geithner remains and he is under fire. >> the economic team on the way out. >> five weeks before midterm elections. people are predicting big losses for democrats. the timing could not be more crucial. the cia is intensifying missile attacks against militants in pakistan. they have heard of a new plan to target the multiple countries including the u.k., france, and germany. if 20 drawn strikes have been launched by the c.eia in the pat months. -- drone attacks. 20 insurgents have been killed in a day of hard fighting. u.s. soldiers are now controlling is they had never been to before. commanders have taken away the
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homemade bombs from the taliban. former alaska senator ted stevens will be laid to rest this afternoon at arlington national cemetery. the 86-year olds died last month in a plane crash in a remote part of alaska. four others were killed. four survived. he was the longest-serving u.s. senator as a republican, representing alaska four decades. metro is closing farragut west and mcpherson square stations over the of columbus day weekend. other lower levels will be closed and there will be noboa or orange service on the weekend. service will resume on monday at midnight. flooding turns rush hour into a nightmare for. drivers in
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for we will show you. a crackdown on sex shops in manassas, why the city is taking control. the fight to keep cool, the need shattering records on the west coast. for us, clearing skies for now. will get another pounding later this week?
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